How To Care

How to Care For Your Pink River Lashes

Mink eyelashes are known for their quality, allowing for up to 25 USES! To ensure you get the most out of your Pink River Lashes it is essential to take care/clean them after each wear.

1) Measure and trim 

When measuring how much of the lash strip to cut, hold the lash up to your lid. Measure the amount of strip from the outer corner that is extended beyond the length of your eye. Only cut the part of the lash on the outer corners. NEVER cut the inside corners. Simply take a pair of scissors and cut on the strip the amount of excess lash.

2) Application and removal 

Be gentle to them at all times! When applying or removing, if you want to get the full use out of them the key is to be gentle. That means trying not to pull too hard when you’re removing them.

3) Remove the glue

After removal from the eye always ensure that you remove any glue from the lashes as it prevents build up on the lashes and keep an easy and clean application process. (Please note glue is not including when you purchase your lashes)

4) No mascara!

Mascara will ruin the quality of the hair, you have false lashes for a reason so rock them with confidence, if you want a longer or fuller look maybe select a different lash. If you wish to wear mascara, simply apply it before you wear the mink eyelashes.

5) Don't soak me!

NEVER soak your lashes in water or any other liquid as it may ruin the style, shape and curl of the lash. Our lashes are made of 100% natural hair so they will last a long time as long as you don’t put any type of product on them.

Can I swim in my lashes?

Water can damage your lashes and shorten the life of your lashes. We do not recommend swimming in your eyelashes. If you insist on being glamorous in the pool, make sure you try not to get your face wet!

6) Need an extra clean?

Using a damp cotton bud (water or oil free makeup remover) to dab over the band before removing your false lashes. This should also help loosen the glue and get rid of any make up on the lashes.

7) Storage 

Store your Mink lashes in the original casing in a cool dark area to avoid moisture from sealing into your lash case also to avoid collecting dust, bacteria or anything else that might compromise the quality of the hair. Storing them like this will ensure that your Pink River Lashes keep their shape, stay clean and lets face it they look a lot better in their pink glitter case!

8) Can i sleep in my Pink River Lashes?

We recommend you do not sleep in them, however it should not damage the lashes if you do.